One of the top sports photographer in the world! Born in France in 1986, Alexis Berg started photography in 2009. Five years later, he specializes in trail-running. Published by a dozen magazines, his work is the subject of a book (Grand Trail, 2015). He tries look with sensitivity a sport he does not practice.


Andrius has made a name for himself in competitive ultra distance trail running. He is also known in the field of sports medicine and exercise physiology. Over the years, working with a range of athletes he acquired extensive knowledge of efficient training and nutritional strategies to help beginner runners as well as elite athletes to achieve their sporting dreams.

If you join one of our camp LEVEL 2 you will have a chance to listen his lectures about efficient running. 


Master Trainer. Rehabilitation exercise specialist. Specializing in spine, hip, core muscles strengthening, coordination and balance movement skills. Injury prevention. Qualifications: Diploma Of Exercise Science, Master Trainer - Rehabilitation, Exercise Therapy specialist programming, Strength & sports conditioning and Nutrition. Qualifications obtained in UK and Australia.