Q1 Are Trail Running Factory camps intended just for professionals & elite runners?

A1 It is for everybody who has passion for running. You just started to run, no problem – join us and #TRF family will give you required background to avoid all beginner’s mistakes.

Q2 Are Trail Running Factory camps created for those who run races? If the camp is named Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB/Ultra-Trail Cape Town, does it mean that I must to run this race?

A1 It is for everybody who wants to spend time on the trails & mountains. So either you are racing or not, you are more than welcome! But, yes, we do our trainings on certain parts of UTMB, TGC, UTCT etc courses and this is why camps names are associated with races.

Q3 Is my fitness level good enough to run with the whole group?

A3 Yes, no matter your fitness level we make sure that you will do your best on the trails and for sure you will never be left alone. Usually group has 3 instructors who take care about all runners regardless their running experience.

Q4 What is the difference between LVL1 and LVL2 camps?

A4 Only one difference is plot of the lectures. It doesn’t mean that you can not participate in LVL2 camps while didn’t accomplish LVL1 camp.